Change Log

Release 1.4.11 (Date - 17.06.21)

Isuue Fixes:
  • Email field validation fix

  • Payment integration issue with latest update

  • PHP version issue

Release 1.4.10 (Date - 16.06.21)

Isuue Fixes:
  • Checkbox validation fix

  • Export Issue

Release 1.4.9 (Date - 14.06.21)

  • Checkbox & Radio minimum & maximum option added

Isuue Fixes:
  • Multiple form validation fix on same page

Release 1.4.8 (Date - 10.06.21)

  • PayPal & RazorPay as a submit button.

  • Field Label Show/Hide.

  • Field Validations

        i)  Required
        ii) Invalid
        iii) Password
            * At least one digit (0-9)
            * At least one lowercase character (a-z)
            * At least one uppercase character (A-Z)
            * At least one special character
            * Limit Password Length
        iv) Custom Regex Pattern & Predefined Patterns
            * Only Characters (a-zA-Z)
            * Only Digits (0-9)
            * Name – only characters & space
            * Username – only lowercase characters & numbers
            * Character Limit – default is set to a maximum of 100 characters
            * Word Limit – default is set to a maximum of 30 words
            * Only Gmail – only allows Gmail address
        v) Custom Error Message
        vi) Error Message Show/Hide
        vii) Validate Form Input on Focus Lost

  • Import Dynamically WordPress Users, Posts, & Taxonomy

  • ACF Integration

Isuue Fixes:
  • API Workflow Remove

  • Many more small tweaks & performance improvement

Release 1.4.7 (Date - 27.05.21)

Isuue Fixes:
  • PayPal & Razorpay dynamic field value issue solved.

Release 1.4.6 (Date - 27.05.21)

  • Country field added

  • Import options added for Checkbox, Radio & Dropdown [6 type of files & 32 presets]

         ✔File Types:

                i. txt (comma, space, new line & clone separated)
               ii. json (array, object, array of object & array of objects)
               iii. xls & xlsx (single & multi sheet)
               iv. csv & tsv

  • MailChimp integration double opt-in added

Isuue Fixes:
  • Dynamic Field in PayPal & RazorPay cause dramatic error is solved.

  • Add values in field using custom script & URL parameters doesn’t reset anymore.

Release 1.4.5 (Date - 9.05.21)

  • Prevent Bot using Honeypot

Isuue Fixes:
  • Authorization is not working for new Integration

  • Read only attributes for fields using conditional logic

Release 1.4.4 (Date - 4.05.21)

  • Fluent CRM

  • Telegram

  • Pods

  • Now will be able add FROM address in mail sending

Release 1.4.3 (Date - 15.04.21)

Issue Fixes:
  • Stripslashes on email body

Release 1.4.2

Issue Fixes:
  • File URL link on export entry

Release 1.4.1

  • reCaptcha v3: reCaptcha v3 can protect your form from bot & spamming. Config your ReCaptcha; go to form settings, enable the ReCaptchav3.

  • Add Custom Button

  • Button Color Change

Release 1.3.13

  • HTML Field

  • Email Attachment

Issue Fixes:
  • PayPal dynamic amount does not change

  • reCAPTCHA v2 bypass issue if js disabled

Release 1.3.12

Issue Fixes:
  • Mail validation issue on large tlds

Release 1.3.11

  • New: 1. Sendinblue Integration – create/edit contact

  • Update: 1. WooCommerce Integration - External/Affiliate product can be added

  • Update: 2. Zoho Recruit - Zip/post code fixed

  • Search box added in Integration

Issue Fixes:
  • Decision Box label issue fix

  • Integ info added for integrations

  • Tinymce issue fix

  • Add Conditional Button issue fix in the free version

  • Field map layout broken fix in integration

  • API response copy issue fix in timeline

  • File upload issue fix in Bit Form Rest API

  • Update: 2. Zoho Recruit - Zip/post code fixed

Release 1.3.10

  • WooCommerce Integration : Create/Edit WooCommerce Product/Customer from Bit Form.

Release 1.3.8

Issue Fixes:
  • Long text wrap on label removed

  • Recruit attachment issue

Release 1.3.7

Issue Fixes:
  • Decision box label empty after update

  • Domain URL truncate issue in email template

Release 1.3.6

Issue Fixes:
  • File upload

New Features:
  • Replay to added on mail send

  • Code preview added on mail template editor

Release 1.3.5

Issue Fixes:
  • Issues email in multiple workflows. After changing the workflow execution process.

Release 1.3.4

Issue Fixes:
  • Builder style cache issue.

  • JS conflict with optimization plugins.

  • Date format issue.


Release 1.3.2

Issue Fixes:
  • Entry id added to callback URL

Release 1.3.1

Issue Fixes:
  • API issue

  • CPT title

  • Option deleted

  • Uninstallation Bit Form

Release 1.3

New Features:
  • Payment App Config

Issue Fixes:
  • Timeline Integration Response (On first submit & entry edit)

  • Radio Button Conditional Logics issue fix

  • Zoho Projects timelog issue fixed

  • Some minor fixes.

Release 1.2

Issue Fixes:
  • Bug fix

  • SMTP frontend updated

Release 1.1.8

New Feature:
  • API secret key

Issue Fixes:
  • File upload issue.

Release 1.1.7

Issue Fixes:
  • Minor issues in API

  • Dropdown not showing in Frontend when i18n disabled

Release 1.1.6

New Feature:
  • Rest API Added

Release 1.1.5

New Feature:
Builder: Field Added
  • Razorpay: We have added the Razorpay payment field in our form builder. You can drag and drop the Razorpay field and use it with your preferred choices. We have added as much as possible functionalities and customizations.

  • Decision Box icon updated.

Issue Fixes:
  • Minor issues have been fixed.

Release 1.1.4

Issue Fixes:
  • Accessibility Improved.

New Feature:
Builder: Field Added
  • Decision Box: The decision box is added to take agreement or acceptance of any statement by checking the decision box field.

Release 1.1.3

Issue Fixes:
  • Style url protocol mismatch

Release 1.1.2

Issue Fixes:
  • Field label and admin label null issue, now if both are empty field key will be shown

  • Field label and admin label null issue, now if both are empty field key will be shown.

Release 1.1.1

Issue Fixes:
  • Email editor fallback issue

Release 1.1

New Feature:
  • SMTP: You can send mail by your preferred email to your user with SMTP support. To configure the SMTP, you have to go all forms page, then go to settings->SMTP Settings. You can test the mail settings under the configure section.

Release 1.0.10

Issue Fixes:
  • Oxygen Builder render issues

Release 1.0.9

New Features:
  • PayPal field: we have added the PayPal payment field in our form builder. You can drag and drop the PayPal field and use it with your preferred choices. We have added as much as possible functionalities and customizations.

  • GCLID: to enable capturing GCLID in Bit Form, just go to your form->settings->Form Settings->turn on the capture GCLID.

  • Export entries: you can export your form entries as the file format of: (CSV, Xls, Xlsx, Ods, Fods, Prn, Text, Html and Eth) with conditional cases of entries.

  • Localization: We have fixed the localization issues, now the string is dynamic as it will be translated according to the language preferences.

Issue Fixes:
  • Admin Label null fix

  • Oxygen Builder render fix: Bit Form had some issues with Oxygen Builder compatibility. We have fixed those issues, now it renders the admin manager and front end form as it should be.

  • Dropdown Close on Select: now the dropdown menu will be closed after selecting the value, before user had to close it manually.

Release 1.0.8

Issue Fixes:
  • Fixed reCaptcha position issue

  • Fixed fileupload field icon

Release 1.0.7

  • Timeline view changed related info

  • Notes feature added on form response

  • Fixed some minor issues

Release 1.0.6

Issue Fixes:
  • Fix issues on timeline view

Release 1.0.5

  • Unlimited Field: previously, in free version only 05 (five) field was allowed, but now it is unlimited. you can use as much field as your need and there won’t be any limitation.

  • All Field: Admin Label ( Admin can now set a admin side label for a field and it will be used as display label for entire backend application. )

  • Dropdown: Allow Other Option ( Dropdown can now allow for custom option which users will be able to create them in the submission session. )

  • Timeline: After each form submission or entry update a log will be creating from now on and admin will be able to view those log with from previous value to updated value in timeline section.

  • All Field Name sorted

  • Conditional Logics: Workflow is now changed to conditional logics, not only the name we have changed so many insider features out of the box such as –
    2.1. If we select checkbox, radio or dropdown as form fields the value section will formed into a dropdown where all the existing options will be generated and you can also add a custom option for check.
    2.2. In logic part, we have two new additional logic as – a. Contain All (it checks if all the values contains or not in field), b. Not Contain (it checks if any of the values doesn’t contain)

  • Integrations: New integrations: – Zoho Sign – Zoho Marketing Hub – Zoho Creator

  • Integration Info: Info button added for all integrations, where you can check your credentials of integration api connection

Release 1.0.4

Issue Fixes:
  • Fixed form submittion issues, if field label includes “.”

Release 1.0.3

  • Submit button broken style fixed

  • Fixed minor issues

Release 1.0.2

  • Assets updated for corrupted image

  • Fixed minor issues

Release 1.0.1

  • Readme updated

Release 1.0.0

  • Initial release of bit-form