From the ‘Decision Box’ field user can agree to any decision required by the admin panel. As example, admin can use the decision box as “Terms & Condition ” field. 

Field Customization :

➤ Admins can change the field of decision field as per their choice. Also can link up to any site on the description.

➤ The ‘Checked Value’ & ‘Unchecked Value’ field is by default ‘ Accepted ‘ & ‘ Not Accepted ‘. Admin can change the text of the field as per requirements.

➤ Admins can change the ‘Admin label’ field which will be shown in response management option.

➤ When the ‘Required’ field is turned on, if the user forgets to check the notification they will be notified as ‘ Please check the box if you want to proceed ‘.

When ‘ Checked By Default ‘ is turned on, the decision box will be checked by default.