Encharge Integration With Bit Form

Marketing is an essential part of any business, and online marketing is an integral part of today’s business. Email marketing is an interactive way to create a relationship with your customers. Encharge is a complete automated marketing system that allows you to send personalized emails with dynamic tags. This cloud-based software helps you create behavior-based email campaigns & also can run those campaigns from anywhere.

The Encharge Integration with Bit Form permits you to manage all of your form builder’s data through the Encharge platform. You can create campaigns, activate them, view your statistics, and more. Go through this documentation to know how you will this Encharge integration by following some steps.

Authorization :

1. Navigate to Bit Form dashboard. Select a form that you have created before or create a new one to apply the Encharge integration.

1. Create Form Bit Form 1

2.Now, follow the path : Settings=> Integrations => Click on (+) => Click on ‘Encharge’

2. Settings to integration Bit Form 1
3. Select Integration Bit Form

3. Set a proper integration name according to your choice.

4. Set integration name Bit Form

4. After that, you have to copy the API key from your Encharge account & paste the key on the field. To get the API key, click on Encharge CONSOL=> click on Account icon => Your account.

5. API Console
6. Copy API key Bit Form
7. Paste Authorize Bit Form

5. Now ‘Authorize‘ Bit Form & you are ready to integrate with your Encharge account.

6. Click on ‘ Next‘ to set up the other integration settings ahead.

Integration Settings :

1. After completing the authorization process, you will find the ‘Map Field‘ option. You have to map all the necessary form fields with the related Encharge field. By default “Email” field of Encharge will be available. You can also send custom values by mapping your required field.

8. Map Bit form

2. After clicking on ‘Finish & Save‘, the Encharge integration is ready.

9. Finish Save Bit Form

3. Now, you have to set conditional logic to trigger the integration for the submitted data. When you set conditional logic, remember some points – set ‘Action behavior = Always’ & specify the integration name you have created for Encharge. If you don’t select the integration name properly, then the integration will not work.

11. CL Bit Form

4. After submitting any data, you can see the record both on the Encharge account & response page of BitForm. 

12. Input Bit Form
13. Data in response Bit Form
14. Encharge API Bit Form
15. Data on Encharge Bit Form

Watch the tutorial here!