You can export all the responses management data by clicking ‘Export Data‘. When you click on Export data, a new window will be displayed where you will find 5 fields. These fields allow you to choose rows you want to export from Bit Form.

Follow the below instructions:

Click on export data from ‘Form Responses‘ & a window will be shown.

Export Data

➤ How many rows to export: There you will find two options from the drop-down menu. Options are : ‘All‘ & ‘Choose input number‘. You can export all rows or you can input row numbers as you want. If you select ‘Choose input number‘ then another field ‘Enter your row number‘ will arrive.

➤ Sort By: You can sort data in ascending or descending order.

➤ Select the sort field:  You have to choose the fields that you want to sort.

➤ Export file format: You can choose 9 types of form to which you will export all data. Formats are : CSV, Xlsx, Xls, Fods, Ods, Prn, Text, HTML & Eth.

Export all fields: If you want to export all the fields of the row then click on ‘Yes‘ or you can specify the fields you need to export by clicking ‘No‘.