Fluent CRM Integration With Bit Form

Managing your leads from your website in an effective way is essential to growing your business. Fluent CRM is a powerful email marketing tool that can help you make your website visitors active leads. Bit Form integration with Bit Form allows you to capture leads from your website and automatically import them to your CRM, where you can nurture them until they become sales-ready.

 Integration Settings:

1.Before setting up the integration, you must confirm that the Fluent CRM plugin is activated on your site. Otherwise, the integration will not work.

1 Fluent CRM Bit Form

2. At first, select the form you want to apply the Fluent CRM integration. If you don’t have any, then create a new one from ‘Create Form‘.  After that, follow the below instructions. Follow the path:

Settings => Integrations =>  Click on (+) => Click on ‘Fluent CRM’.

2 Create Form Bit Form
3 Settings to integration Bit Form
4 Click on Bit Form
5 Select Fluent CRM Bit Form

3. Give a suitable name of the integration & Click on the ” Connect to Fluent CRM ” button.

6 Connect with Fluent CRM Bit Form

4. Now, click on the ‘Next’ button to move forward for further settings.

7 Connected Bit Form

5. Select the Fluent CRM list on the “Fluent CRM” field that you have created before on your CRM account. All your subscribers will be listed under this list.

6. You can select multiple tags for the list on the ‘Fluent CRM Tags‘ field. You have to create them earlier on the CRM. Tags will help you to search the list & leads easily.

7. Then, you have to map the form fields with Fluent CRM fields. By default, the field is “Email“.  You can select multiple fields from map field settings.

8 Set Credentials Bit Form

8. There are two actions available you can trigger if you need any of them-

Skip exist contact: Enabling this option, you can skip duplicate email submission of the subscriber.

Double Opt-in: If this action is enabled, then the user will get a notification if they want to be a subscriber or not.

9. At last, click on “Finish & Save” to successfully save this integration.

9 Finish Save Bit Form
10 Created integration Bit Form

10. After completing the settings, you have to set the conditions when this integration works. Don’t forget to specify the integration name; otherwise, the integration will not work correctly. Here we have set the condition that – every time when records will be created/ edited, on form submission the integration will be triggered.

11 Set Conditional logic Bit Form

11. Now, whenever a user will submit the form it will be added to the corresponding subscriber list of Fluent CRM. Here we have attached some related pictures that how this integration transfer submitted data to Fluent CRM.

13 Input Bit Form
14 Responses Bit Form
15 Related Info Bit Form
16 Submission on Fluent CRM Bit Form