Import & Export form

Bit Form comes with an Import & Export Form feature that allows you to migrate your forms to & from multiple WordPress websites. It consumes your time effortlessly as well as within a minute. Read this documentation to know more.

Export Forms:

1. At first, go to your WordPress dashboard, then click on Bit Form.

Dashboard to BitForm

2. Now, choose any form from the list which you want to export from your site.

3. Then click on the menu from the right side of the selected form.

Select the menu

4. Choose “Export” among the actions. By clicking this option, you can only export the form & related other styling & integration, but not the entries related to the selected form.

Select Export

5. A JSON file will e downloaded after clicking the Export option.

Import Forms:

1. Go to another domain where you want to import the form. Then click on Bit Form.

[Note: Make sure that Bit Form is successfully installed on your new domain where you are going to import the form]

2. Now click on the “Create Form“, hover to the (+) icon & you can see the “Import” option. Click on the option.

Create Form 3

3. Then, click on “Choose File” & upload the downloaded JSON file from your computer. Here you have to select the property that you want to import with your form. They are:

⇛ All

⇛ Form Settings

⇛ Confirmations

⇛ Conditional Logic

⇛ Email templates

⇛ Integrations

If you want to import all properties, click on the “All” option.

Choose file property

4. After successful import, you will see the form on the form list.



Watch the full video tutorial here!