Admin can receive Order Payment & Subscription Payment through the PayPal field.

Style Customization :

Layout : If you select a layout, there exist three layouts :

➤ Vertical Layout : If you choose the vertical layout option, the payment buttons will be aligned vertically at full width. You will find three options available (depending on your region) – ‘PayPal‘, ‘Pay Later‘, and ‘Debit/Credit Card‘.

➤ Horizontal Layout : The payment buttons will be aligned in horizontally at 50% width. ‘PayPal‘ and ‘Pay Later‘ will be available.

➤ Standalone Layout : Only one play button will be available. You can choose according to your preference.

[Note: By default, the layout is set to vertical layout.]

Color : You can choose field color : Gold, Blue, Silver, White & Black. If you choose Standalone and Card from layout only Black & White color will be available.

Shape : Rectangle & Pill are available.

PayPal Button Text : You can change the field button text to – PayPal, PayPal Checkout, PayPal Buy Now, Pay with payPal.

Order Payment :

☆ Client Id : Admin have to create an application from the ‘PayPal Developer‘ site. To create an application you have to follow the path :  PayPal Developer account => Dashboard => My apps & credentials => App name => Create App => Application details => Go back to app name => Default Application =>   Get your Client ID. Then insert the given client id on that field.

☆ Language : You can set the field language according to your preference.

 Disable Card : You can set the card name on the ‘disable card’ field from which you don’t want to take payment.

☆ Amount Type :

➤ Fixed : If admin want to set a limit of payment, they have to choose this option. As example, you have created a form for a particular sale. Then you have to set the payment digit on the field.

➤ Dynamic : For dynamic payment admin have to add a ‘number field’ where you can add their amount according to their willing.      

☆ Shipping Cost & Tax amount type  : As likely as Amount type option admin can set Fixed / Dynamic Shipping cost as well as Tax.

☆ Currency : You can set 26 currency type.

Description : There are two types of description – Static & Dynamic.

Subscription Payment :

You can add descriptions of two types- Static & Dynamic. For subscription payments you need a business account . Add your ‘Plan Id‘ on the field & other style customization is the same as order payment.

Click on the video to see PayPal integration tutorial!