Bit Form has about 17+ field types. All of the necessary fields are available there. All fields have some common properties such as Field Key, Required, Auto Fill, Label, Placeholder.


Property Descriptions
Field Key
The Field Key is unique for all field. "bf4-1-Text_Field" an example of field key. bf means bit form, 4 represent form id, 1 represent 1st field of the form and Text_Field is field name. It's used in Success/Error Messages, Web Hooks, Redirect Page, Email Template, Workflow and Integrations.
You can make a field to mandatory by enabling Required property.
Auto Fill
To suggest auto field value from the browser need to enable the Auto Fill property.
Set a field label by Label property
The placeholder property is used for set field placeholders.


Some field has some unique properties. These fields are Drop-Down, Check Boxs, Number and File Upload.

You can select multiple options by enabling the multiple select properties in Drop Down field. Also can set by default option in this field. 

You can set by default option in Check Boxes field.

You can define minimum and maximum value in the Number field.

The File Upload field has some unique properties. You can define minimum and  maximum value , maximum file size, file type.


The following features are available under Form Settings-

➤ Go to Builder➤ Drag and drop the fields➤ Configure various field types

Field Type




This field accepts a plain text input. Your users can enter letters, numbers, and special characters.


Multiline Text

This is similar to the Single Line field, though with a greater capacity. This field can accept multiple lines of plain text.



This field accepts an email address that follows the format: [email protected]


Date(month,Week and Year)

This field sports a calendar and enables your users to select a date. Users can also type a date value as long as it matches your app’s date-time format.


Dropdown and Radio(single-select

Multi select)

Use these fields to enable users in selecting one value from a set of pre-configured choices, which are presented:

  • In a dropdown menu

  • As radio buttons


Checkbox and multi select(multi-select)

Use these fields to enable users in selecting one or more values from a set of pre-configured choices, which are presented:

  • As checkboxes

  • In a dropdown menu (that allows selecting on or more values)



Use this field to accept a number without any decimal places.





TimeThe field accepts a valid time.Timestamp


Use this field to accept a URL.


Date-TimeThe field accepts a valid date-timeTimestamp

File Upload

Use this field to allow uploading of files.



The string datatype represents a sequence of characters. These characters can be text characters, special characters, numeric characters or any other valid input.


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