WordPress to Zoho Integration

Bit form has very strong integration with all Zoho Apps.Bit Form has many features in the free version and a lot of third-party integrations
with all advanced features.Just for the Black Friday offer!
Bit Form Provide Premium WordPress Form Builder Plugin at $5.

The following Integration avaialable-WordPress to Zoho Integrtion:

1.WordPress to Zoho Crm Integration
2.WordPress to Zoho Desk Integration
3.WordPress to Zoho Campaign Integration
4.WordPress to Zoho Projects Integration
5.WordPress to Zoho Workdrive Integration
6.WordPress to Zoho mails Integration
7.WordPress to Zoho Sign Integration
8.WordPress to Zoho Creator Integration
9.WordPress to Zoho Sheets Integration
10.WordPress to Zoho Analytics Integration
11.WordPress to Zoho Marketing Hub Integration
12.WordPress to Zoho Recruits Integration

WordPress Org: https://wordpress.org/plugins/bit-form/
Website: https://bitpress.pro/
Demo Video: https://youtu.be/Kdu3f8wLsrk

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