Using Zoho Analytics integration with WordPress form builder, you can analyze your data in a much efficient way. You can easily integrate without any coding. This Documentation goes through the configuration process.

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First, you have to log-in to your WordPress dashboard. Then click on Bit form from the left sidebar. Select an existing form that you want to integrate with Zoho Analytics if you don’t have any form please create a new form. Please follow the screenshots below:

Then click on the Settings menu from the top navigation bar. Navigate to Settings->Integrations->Click on (+) ->Select Zoho Analytics. Please follow the screenshots below:

Select a data center from the dropdown. Then click on the Zoho API Console. Navigate to API Console->Get Started->Server-based Applications. Please follow the screenshots below

Fill those fields (Homepage URL and Authorized Redirect URLs) the same as your Integration Homepage. Then click UPDATE.

Then copy the Client ID and Client Secret and paste it to the Bit Form integration page. Then click on the Authorize button (wait for a few seconds). After the successful authorization click on the Next button

Notice: Zoho Analytics only works with the main admin owner(Super admin) of the Zoho analytics account. For Zoho Analytics update criteria, follow this link:

Select the workspace and table from the dropdown. Then map Bit Form fields with Zoho Analytics fields in which you want to send/update data.

**Zoho Analytics doesn’t support data INSERT/UPDATE in integration table**

Notice: If you select Update Row action without any criteria, when you click on the save button a warning message will be shown. All data of the above-selected table will get replaced.

You can update Zoho Analytics records via using criteria. Watch video
WordPress form builder with Zoho analytics


Example criteria: (“Table Name”.”Department”=’Finance’ and “Table Name”.”Salary” => 9000)




Data type

Table Name

Zoho Analytics table name in which the row will be updated.




Zoho Analytics column name based on which rows will be updated.








Criteria based on which rows will be updated.

The criteria must be in the format:

“Table name”.” ” 

Following is the list of supported operators:












BETWEEN (to be used as: “BETWEEN ” AND ”)















There has another feature name Update Preference. If you select “Yes” when the criteria don’t meet a new row will be inserted in Zoho Analytics.

When “No” is selected then a new row won’t be inserted if the criteria don’t meet.

In the end, create a Workflow for triggering the integration. Select the integration which you created before.

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